Roberto Matzeu, young winemaker from Sant’Antioco, has won the award Next in Wine 2013, promoted by Simonit&Sirch Preparatori d’Uva and by the Scuola Italiana di Potatura della Vite, in cooperation with Bibenda and Associazione Italiana Sommelier.

The award has been given by Marco Simonit and the President of the panel of judges from the Premio Attilio Scienza, who has declared: “His experience encompasses everything, passion, skills achieved and acknowledged in the area he works in, the recovery of a way of raising and even more: the recovery of wine making based on very small fields managed by people in old age”. Roberto’s words are meaningful, referring to ungrafted vineyard cultivation in Sant’Antioco Island, as he stated “an existing heritage that can be used, at the beginning, for free, is a perspective of future for the unemployed youth in my land”.