Sardinian Monica DOC



Zona di produzione

Altimetria del vigneto

Tipologia di terreni

Sistema di allevamento

Densità dei ceppi

Produzione per ettaro

Età media delle viti

Epoca vendemmia


Fermentazione alcolica

Fermentazione malolattica


Wine specs

The name

Insula means island in Latin language. Such a label is used throughout Sardinia with its very high quantity of Monica grapes production. This label was made for all Sardinia island and its lagre Monica grapes cultivation.

Wine specs

Food pairing notes

Colour: ruby red.
Nose: on the nose reveals a bouquet with aromas of red berries, wild notes and slightly smoky scents.
Palate: on the palate is soft, with good balance between fruit, tannin and acidity. It closes with a soft spicy note.

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