SInce 1949

Ungrafted vineyards

Since the ancient times the Carignano from Sant’Antioco Island, cultivated in ungrafted vineyards and without external support structures, has been a reference point for Sulcis viticulture.

Vineyards are surrounded by thick expanses of Mediterranean forest with the typical scents of such a vegetation. Such scents and flavours are frequently in our wines bouquet.

Facts and figures

  • 300 hectares of vineyards divided among the associates
  • 600 tons of processed grapes
  • 600000 produced bottles per year
  • 5000 hectolitres of produced wine
  • 4-5 tons per hectare in the prefillossera vineyards in Sant’Antioco
  • Over 100 awards and acknowledgements over the last 10 years
  • Over 60 years in Italian and foreign markets. Since 2005 with its own brand
  • 20% export turnover